Appreciating the Sunrise

We had a couple of very beautiful sunrises this week. I took this picture two or three days ago as the sun was casting some beautiful colors from the southeast. If you’re interested in knowing, this is a view we have from an upstairs window. That’s our neighbor’s house, and just to the right of it (and behind it) is Ravenna Park. And, yes, it was a chilly morning as you can see from the frost on the roof.

At PSCS we begin each day with a school-wide meeting called “Check-in” (fancy name, eh?). It’s usually no more than 15 minutes long and often quite less, and it’s facilitated by one of the students. Each meeting ends with time for what we call “appreciations,” a few minutes for people to focus on things they feel good about. On the morning I took this picture, several people, including a couple of students, appreciated that day’s sunrise.

If only my picture could do it justice…

One thought on “Appreciating the Sunrise

  1. I said the same thing recently about a sunset photo at our lake house. Really makes you appreciate professional photographers!

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