A Year Ago

A year ago tonight, Melinda and I went out for a drink with Brenda and Greg. Tonight, we went out for a drink with our good friends in Seattle, Julie & Mike. In fact, we had a great time tonight, first by having dinner and a beer at the Brave Horse Tavern in what is called the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle (an area in which Paul Allen owns a lot of the property and where Amazon.com has its headquarters). After dinner we went to the Sambar in Ballard for a nightcap. Interestingly, a topic of conversation was the French First Lady, Carla Bruni, so much so that we made listening to her music a feature of the drive home.

But I titled this post “A Year Ago” and intend to highlight this day from last year. You see, that drink with Brenda and Greg took place in Paris, where we had all rendez-voused, along with Dwight & Michele, for the week preceding Christmas. On top of the wonder of being together in Paris, on the night of 17 December 2010 it began to snow (see accompanying photo of Melinda and Brenda). Wow, what a night.

As is often the case (but not tonight), a year ago I posted to the blog BEFORE heading out, so my post did not reference the snow nor the late night drink outing.

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