15 Years Old

Yes, 15 years ago today Ella was born. At dinner tonight she wanted Melinda and me to recount to her the story of her birth. It involves contemplating a 10:30am trip to Starbucks, working on some PSCS projects that Melinda and I wanted done in advance of having a newborn in the picture, Chloe being at preschool, and then, once the labor pains Melinda was having seemed legit, paging our friends Julie & Margaret who would be at the birth.

The early afternoon involved Melinda walking down the hall at Northwest Hospital before retreating to a jacuzzi where she spent quite a bit of time until Ella’s birth seemed imminent. Right about 3:30pm, Ella was born, 5 hours after that aborted trip to Starbucks. Chloe arrived to meet her new sister a couple of hours later. In the interim, Melinda cut the umbilical cord and gave Ella her first bath. She may also have performed a few surgeries and remodeled the hospital’s foyer. I think that about covers it. Some of it is fuzzy all these years later.

Today’s photo comes from tonight’s dinner, a French affair at 611 Supreme in Seattle. The items on the menu were all in French, leading us to want to order in French (no go with the American server who was kind enough to take this picture). Ella had what was referred to in France as a galette but called a crêpe here. Melinda had a salade niçoise.

You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to hear what I had.

Your thoughts?

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