Vegetarians, Please Ignore

That’s me with my dinner plate at last night’s birthday dinner for Ella. You may recall that we went to 611 Supreme, a French restaurant. Ella wanted crêpes (well, she wanted the savory version, what we learned is called a galette, for dinner, and a sweet version, a crêpe, for her dessert or “birthday cake”). Imagine my delight when scanning the menu for what I wanted to order I found … drum roll please

Confit de canard!! That’s right, my favorite French meal, Duck Confit!

I have not had it since we left France so there was no doubt this is what I would be ordering. For $15 I got a piece of duck confit, some roasted potatoes (roasted in duck grease, mind you) and a couple of seasoned grapefruit sections. I was in absolute heaven. Ella, despite her filling meal, twice asked me for bites of my confit de canard.

It was her birthday, what was I to do? So, yes, I gave her a couple of bites, mumbling something about it being her birthday.

It was delicious, enough for me to want to go back. Every day.

Your thoughts?

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