The Ames (and by that I mean Mikey Lanz)

Oh boy, what a fun time we had tonight. Melinda and I just got back from seeing our former neighbor and PSCS graduate Michael (Mikey) Lanz’s band play in Seattle. Way back, years ago, when Mikey was a PSCS student, he took up the drums. He played in bands throughout high school, a couple of them developing quite a following. We were always pleased to see him play. There is just something about watching Mikey behind a drum kit that warms my heart.

Anyway, Mikey got married 3 years ago and now lives in Bellingham. We hadn’t seen him in ages, long before leaving for France. But when we saw that his band was coming to Seattle, Melinda and I made a date. We knew we were going to see him. And we were not disappointed. The band is great, really, and Mikey, well, Mikey is Mikey!

Learn more about the band and even consider supporting them by downloading their EP at their website.

Also of great fun tonight was seeing a number of former PSCS students at the show. To Dylan, Dan, Adam, Joe & Ty, it was great to see you! Joe, per usual, wins the dedication award. He came all the way from his home in Las Vegas to see the show!

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