Winter Solstice

Here’s a pretty cool photo from tonight. Yes, Chloe is back, pulling in tonight a little before 8pm. As is our family tradition on December 21st, the four of us sat down in front of the fire and shared our holiday gifts with each other. We started doing this when Chloe was a baby, the idea stemming from two thoughts. First, given we are lucky to have both sides of our family living locally, we don’t have to travel for the holidays. It also means that we have a lot of gift-giving and gift-receiving opportunities. Melinda and I wanted to have one of these be just for the four of us. We chose the 21st for the second thought, that being that it’s the winter solstice, the “shortest” day of the year. The diminishing light in the fall really impacts Melinda, so turning the corner to brighter days ahead is worthy of a family celebration.

When the girls were younger, part of our tradition involved me reading from the book the girls are holding in today’s picture. Nowadays, the book serves more for nostalgic purposes.

The other thing we do each year is go out to dinner, which we did by having sushi tonight. Yum! A great solstice – Chloe’s return, presents and sushi. We even stopped by Brenda’s, Greg’s and Perrin’s and got to see them tonight. Super-duper bonus!

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