Tube Socks

Here’s what’s intended to be a funny post.

That’s my brother Scott in today’s photo, one that is marked as coming from 1986, the year he turned 27. It’s also the year he defined tube socks as a fashion statement, especially when out for a day of fishing. Word has it that fish are more inclined to take the hook of a fisherman wearing tube socks, and those with red stripes on top are even more al”lure”ing (that’s my feeble attempt at a fishing pun).

I’m not sure what it is I have for Scott and fishing, but another post featured him with a fish. Scott, any ideas?

Today’s Prompt: Share the tale of one of YOUR “fashion statements.”

One thought on “Tube Socks

  1. I think you just wanted to see if I would, “take the bait” and, of course, i will. That picture was taken in Mexico, where I had gone fishing with Bill. I am holding a relatively small tuna. Perhaps my “tube socks” were meant to impress the fish????

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