Pro Rated Longshots

A highlight of my Thursdays this term at PSCS is co-facilitating a horse race handicapping with my father for a group of 8 students. The class takes place in the last slot of the day, which enables me to drive my dad home, connect with my mom, and then the three of us having dinner in the dining room of their retirement community. In fact, I’m writing this post from their apartment, having just finished dinner, while watching a hockey game on TV.

Man, this ain’t half bad. Horse racing, dinner, hockey.

In today’s class, one of the students asked about a book that was published some time ago that included some of my dad’s handicapping theories. He couldn’t remember the name, and I’m not sure if it can actually be found. But I did locate this link to a software program based on his work.

Today’s Prompt: Share a way you connect with a parent.

2 thoughts on “Pro Rated Longshots

  1. Andy: I read your blog daily, but rarely comment. Todays question about parents brought back a way I connected with my dad. Tomorrow marks the 12th year since my dad died in a local nursing home.,
    During the 10 months he was ill, I visited every other day……..but decided to write to him weekly too. I used each letter to explain 5 things I was grateful to him for. Mom started putting the letters into a 3 ring binder for them to share at the nursing home. It ended up being quite a record of myself, my dad and the special things we shared.
    After Dad died, I wrote to my mom for a year, sharing the same sorts of letters with her. (now I’ve moved in with her, so we’re sharing on a daily basis these days!)

    Thanks for reminding me of some lovely memories!


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