All is Right

I was telling the truth yesterday. Because of the crummy weather, Melinda rented a car so we could get out and about, given we aren’t able to just lounge on the beach (our original plan for this week). So where do we get out and about to?


That’s right. We drove our rental car to Nantes. Christine had called this morning and happened to mention she had the day off. This prompted Melinda to announce she was driving to Christine’s house and did the rest of us want to come. I’m not sure whether or not she was disappointed when we said yes, we did.

So we spent the day in Nantes and did the following things: Went to Decathlon, Leclerc, and Picard.

I ran around the Hippodrome, just like I did when I started running 18 months ago. We had dinner at the Bertail’s. And I took this picture of their kids (L-R: Max, Celeste, Théo, Claire).

All is right in our world.

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