Ella Under Siege

Well, it’s been another gray, windy, wet day in Pornichet. That being the case, we drove to the nearby town of Guérnande for a little sight-seeing. In the center of town is a château partially surrounded by a moat, and inside the château is a whole small town of shops. We wandered around, going in and out of several stores.

Near the end of our self-directed tour, we stopped at a cute café that specializes in tea. Of course, Ella order a chocolat chaud, one that came with a foot of whipped cream on top. Her loving older sister, only concerned for Ella’s well-being I’m sure, commented about the number of calories in a foot-high pile of whipped cream. Spoon in hand, poised to pounce, the concerned older sister then demanded tastes of said whipped cream and sips of hot chocolate.

In response, Ella wrapped her arms around her mug, reminding me of the moat surrounding the château. I hope the moat was more successful at repelling attackers than Ella.

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