Guest Blogger – Claire Bertail, Age 10

For the first time in 2 years I have a guest blogger, 10 year-old Claire who, along with her parents and sister, came to visit us in windy, rainy and cool Pornichet today. I hereby turn the blog over to Claire (note, she first wrote this in French and then laboriously translated her written French into English).

Today , we are going to the beach. Christine, Ella, Celeste and Claire are swim in the cold water. All of her are in biquinis (except Christine). Christine and her daughters are already in the water, they are talking, and Ella goes with them. How did they do swim if someone is walking on the beach with a coat, jeans, and sneakers? Or, this person must be allergic to the cold! And yet, she puts on her hood. Which means that perhaps it’s raining. Why did we say “cold water”? Just look at the way Ella is entering into the water, you can guess that it’s cold.

On the far left, the woman in the raincoat, to her right is Claire, next is Christine, and then Celeste, and on the far right Ella who’s arriving.

Your thoughts?

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