In Which We Transport the Rain to Nantes

Today we transferred our things from Pornichet to Nantes. And despite a message I received yesterday from Frédérique asking us to leave the rain in Pornichet, apparently we packed it in one of our bags because it arrived in full force this afternoon in Nantes. If only we could have had it transported by Icelandair. If so, it would undoubtedly be wandering around Iceland, being put up in a cheap hotel, and being made to eat prison quality food. But, no, we rented a car and carefully filled it today with all of the things we picked up in Pornichet, including the rain.

Manon told us that today has been the worst weather of the week in Nantes.

Melinda, Chloe, Ella & I decided to brave the weather and drove our rental car into the main part of Nantes, our first time in “centre ville” in almost a year. We even stopped for crêpes at our favorite crêperie, where I snapped today’s photo. Ella blames her curly hair on it being wet from, yes, you guessed it, the rain.

One thought on “In Which We Transport the Rain to Nantes

  1. Sometimes I love it here when it rains in the early am because I walk with a bathing suit under my shorts and t-shirt and it is so delightful because the air is cooler. Of course Texas is notorious for humid hot summers, not like Nantes at all I am sure, even though I have not been there. Great weather to play Scrabble, have popcorn and watch a movie.

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