A Very Good Day

This was an exceptionally good day for us in Nantes. It began, as all good Sundays should, with a 60 minute run. Laurent took me from the Boudeau house, down to the Erdre, and then up the river, and back. It continued with a long-planned pool party at the Boudeaus, one that brought both the Bertail and Boudeau families together on our behalf. The weather cooperated, allowing all the kids ample time to play in the Boudeau pool. I caught them in the midst of a game involving two teams, a volleyball-like ball, and two nets, with rules resembling soccer. Chloe and Ella, nearest to us, were on opposite teams but don’t seem to be concentrating so much on the direction of the ball. Manon is about to catch the ball and is going to turn and perhaps score. The four Bertail children are all to the right. Noticeably absent is Romain who is in Paris right now.

This evening, Melinda and I, accompanied by Christine and Bérnard, went to the house where our family will be staying for the rest of the month beginning on Thursday. It’s a classic Nantes house in the center of town, next to the Jardin de Plantes. Our host family, who happen to be very nice (go figure), will be vacationing in Spain. The dad is a co-worker of Christine’s, which is how we found the house.

Now, at about 11pm, we are back at the Boudeaus, enjoying a cool drink with Frédérique and Laurent before getting ready for bed.

One thought on “A Very Good Day

  1. That pool even looks good to us here in the PNW, where temps will probably reach 80-something today! I bet your readers in all other parts of the U.S. are even more envious, as the uber-heat wave continues to scorch most of America. :-/ Glad you’re enjoying some good weather!

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