In Which I Am Reunited With “Ligne 2”

Ella and I went for a LONG walk today, one that started at the Boudeaus, crossed the Erdre, went passed our old house, along the trail next to the racetrack, before finally ending at the tram stop for Line 2 (Ligne 2 in French) not far from her old school. By that point, our feet were worn out. I bought a 24 hour tram pass and then for the next 90 minutes, Ella and I sat on Line 2 of the tram and rode it to its end and back (Ella snapped this picture of me for posterity).

I know I can’t make this make sense, but sitting on Line 2 and knowing all the turns, being so familiar with its squeaks and hums, and, most significantly, hearing the stops announced was wildly nostalgic for me. Doing so, I could easily believe that we never left Nantes.

For a little refresher on what Line 2 means to me, I direct you to this entry from March 15, 2011.

One thought on “In Which I Am Reunited With “Ligne 2”

  1. Interesting how photos on vacation invariably show a VERY relaxed and happy version of our “normal” looking friends. Rain clearly has not dampened your spirits. Enjoy! I am headed to New Orleans in two days and am looking forward to doing the “vacation” thing – eating, walking, shopping a little, and relaxing!

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