Errand the Side of Safety

That’s how Melinda & I have spent a good chunk of the day today, running errands. Among the many we completed include washing the car we’ve had use of since moving in to our Nantes house. The family who rented us their home tossed in at no charge the use of their car. Having a car has given us a whole new perspective of the city. It really is interesting how different things are when you know all you have to do is hop in a car and go instead of timing things to public transportation.

Anyway, a new experience we had in Nantes today involved filling the car with gas and figuring out how to use the car wash at the gas station. That’s Melinda studying how the driver in front of us did it. Unlike at home, you actually get out of your car while the machine washes it (note the driver just under Melinda’s glasses).

That may not sound that exciting, but, hey, the whole experience really was interesting. And if you can find the experience of getting a car washed interesting, you’ll never get bored. That’s my story. Well, that and bad puns.

Your thoughts?

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