Weren’t We Cute?

First off, I’m curious how many of you are still out there reading this blog. The blog count, something I check regularly, has dropped considerably lately. Yesterday, for instance, only had 30-some unique visitors recorded. That’s quite a contrast to some of the past counts, back when the blog hit count was consistently over 100 and sometimes even much higher.

Have I lost my audience? Am I boring you?

For instance, how interesting is it to see this photo from 1991? Yeah, that’s Melinda and me, less than a year into our marriage. Chloe and Ella, even PSCS, were mere glints in our eyes. We were mere babies!

But, boy, weren’t we cute?

Melinda was regularly riding horses back then and was participating in a horse show at the Kirkland Hunt Club, not far from Seattle. It was fun to see her doing something she loved doing.

Say, on blog counts. My Compassion Game Kindness Mission site had well over 350 unique visitors yesterday. Maybe that’s part of what’s making me wonder about the interest in this blog.

7 thoughts on “Weren’t We Cute?

  1. I read it every day too, and enjoy seeing all the snippets of your life. But I usually read it through RSS. I wouldn’t show up in a blog count. :-/

  2. I always read it too n matter how personal or pollyanna the content. You should also know that I get the blog fed into my email and usually read it there and only go to WordPress once a month or so.

  3. Well, now that you ask….yes, Andy, I visit the blog daily, but get a bit annoyed with photos and accompanying memories. I keep hoping that your comments will go deeper, exploring why these things may be important, or if there is some “bigger” or more inclusive aspect to those particular thoughts. Perhaps the word I’m searching for is “meaningful.” Perhaps insightful. I can only imagine that you have serious and deep thoughts about PSCS, its mandate, purpose, direction. And so I keep hoping for blog entries which may evoke others like me to think in ways which may have more impact. Thanks for listening.

  4. Ah, sometimes you get quality instead of quantity – as long as the blog is something you enjoy doing, I will check in daily and post once in while, but don’t feel any pressure. It is after all YOUR blog!

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