No Controversy Here

Thanks for the feedback shared about who’s reading this blog. I really appreciate the responses and am taking them all to heart. I know I can be a little silly at times and many (most?) of the posts here are lighthearted. I try to sprinkle in some serious things now and then.

Regarding serious things, unless you’re a professional football fan, this is not one of those. Melinda & I watched the end of the Monday Night Football game tonight, it being interesting because the Seattle Seahawks were playing (and, hey, they’re practically our next door neighbors at PSCS!). The game ended amid huge controversy and with the Seahawks winning. It was so crazy that even Melinda got involved. She suggested I post something silly on a national blog in which people are ranting about the officiating.

See, if you’re a football fan this is a serious post. If you’re not, this is ridiculous stuff.

Oh, regarding the photo, it’s from Florence, Italy in 2011. I like it. Melinda likes it. No controversy here.

One thought on “No Controversy Here

  1. Just for the record, I for one like that you are — well… childish is not quite the right word — but more young at heart, playful, looking on the lighter side — perhaps fun loving is the right phrase. So nice compared to the heaviness in our lives sometimes as pumped out by the media. I thrive on the joy your posts reveal! Your heart is in the right place!

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