19 May 2013 : The Concept of Birthweek Presents

What do you think of this concept, birthweek presents? I mean we’ve all heard of birthDAY presents, but birthWEEK presents spread the joy out over the whole week, right? A present every day for the week leading up to your birthday. Omaha KnightsHeck, if this catches on I may promote birthMONTH presents, maybe even birthYEAR presents (in which you get a present every day for a year!).

In honor of it being my birthweek, I’m showing off something I bought for myself and arrived in the mail on Friday. It’s an original T-shirt from the 1970’s of the Omaha Knights, the hockey team I adored in the early 70’s when my family lived in, you guessed it, Omaha.

I saw this beauty on eBay and won it, once again prompting Melinda to suggest she should head down to her favorite clothing store to “win” something.

If you’re thinking buying yourself birthweek presents is a bit indulgent, I understand. Perhaps it would be better to do something kind for a stranger, today’s theme in the 12 Days of Kindness.

Your thoughts?

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