20 May 2013 : Dancing With Jessica

Get a load of this picture. The little girl in the picture turned 28 today. She’s my niece, Jessica. And you guessed it, that’s me dancing with her. Andy & Jessica

Heck, you’d probably look like Jessica does in this picture if you were dancing with me. Cut her some slack.

This picture must date from 1986 or so, taken soon after I shaved off my full beard that I’d had for several years. I also wore contacts at the time. What a punk.

And just think of it. If the picture was taken in 1986 then I’ve more than doubled my age. And Jessica, well, let’s just say that she’s more than doubled her age, too.

I went looking for a photo of Jessica and me to use on the blog tonight, hoping it would connect to today’s theme in the 12 Days of Kindness (click to find out what it is — you might find something wonderful, like a photo of you dancing with your niece).

Your thoughts?

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