21 May 2013 : Moments of Worth

Moments of WorthMany of you know I am a sports fan. What you might not know is that being a sports fan in Seattle carries with it a fair amount of pain. For instance, it’s 10pm and I’m just barely home from an over 12 hour day at PSCS. I’m tired and ready to wind down, perhaps even catch the tail end of the Mariners’ baseball game.

They are behind 11-0.

Ah, sweet agony.

On the cerebral side of being a Mariners’ fan there is this blog called U.S.S. Mariner. The authors there really know what it’s like to be a Mariners’ fan. Their posts, regardless of how well (poorly) the team is playing, are consistently interesting.

Take this entry called “Moments of Worth.” It’s got some good life advice built right in. So what if the Mariner’s lost yesterday’s game because the pitcher dropped the ball while covering first base? Moments earlier he had struck out a batter with a nasty curveball. Focus on the nasty curveball. It’s a “moment of worth.”

Take a look at this photo of adorable Ella. It’s another “moment of worth,” complete with a single word of advice.

Speaking of advice, here is some good advice from the 12 Days of Kindness.

Your thoughts?

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