22 May 2013 : The Gift of Public Libraries

So a couple of days ago I mentioned the concept of birthweek presents. Celeste & Chocolate MousseAs I was driving home from school today I was thinking about that again, and also got to thinking about those things that are just provided on a regular basis that, like a present, are pretty darn nice things to have.

An example? A public library.

So today I gratefully accept as one of my birthweek presents all public libraries. Just think about them. You go in and for no money at all you come out with books, and movies, and CDs. And they let you sit down inside and warm up, use their computers, and have a quiet place to think. That’s a heck of a present.

Speaking of great presents, two years ago Celeste, seen in today’s photo, made a big bowl of mousse au chocolat on my 48th birthday. I like chocolate mousse so much it might be even better than a public library. That’s saying something.

Another nice thing? Reaching out to someone with whom you’ve lost touch.

Your thoughts?

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