23 May 2013 : My Mom & Me

Carib & Andy, 5/23/13Ella took this photo just a minute ago at my parents’ apartment. We’re over here right now in advance of heading out to dinner with a large group of family and extended family members.

My niece Jessica, who celebrated her birthday 3 days ago (remember that post?), is in town with her husband, Vince. Vince wanted to surprise Jessica with a get-together with family members in the Seattle area during her birthweek (there’s that term again). Tonight’s dinner is the result.

Back to this photo. It’s of my mom and me, in case you can’t tell, and it was taken to be included in an article being written about my work at PSCS and with kindness by Penzey’s Spices. They asked for some recipes, too, and I tapped my mom for help. After I completed my interview, they asked for a photo of my mom and me.

Got it? 🙂

So you could say I’ve been enlisting some partners today. That’s good, considering today’s theme in the 12 Days of Kindness is to enlist a partner.

Your thoughts?

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