24 May 2013 : Metric Birthdays

Enough of this 50th birthday nonsense! What we need is Metric Birthdays!

Instead of counting in years, we’d count in months. Big celebrations come at 10 months, 100 months, etc.Andy on His 600th Month

Get this, you’d be eligible to get your license on your 200 month, vote at 225, and drink at 250. 50 years wouldn’t be such a big deal (other than it equals 600 months, a nice number), but 500 months might be. And imagine the celebrations you could have for 1000 months!

At lunch today Melinda called these “Metric Birthdays.” Together, we figured Ella has a big one coming up in August this summer, 200 months. It was her 16th birthday last December but it got lost in the end-of-the-year holidays, like happens to her birthday every year. But on August 18th she’ll be 200 months old, a Metric Birthday!

What we need to throw for Ella is a “Sweet 200 Month Party!”

As a wrap-up to all the focus I’ve given my 50th birthday, I salute Metric Birthdays. Included today is a photo taken in our backyard tonight, my family on my 600th month!

Your thoughts?

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