25 June 2013 : Summer & the “Lemonade” Stand

Chloe & Carly, 1999So this week the little boy who lives next door set up a stand outside of his house to sell watermelon. Ours is a pretty good street for doing this kind of thing, in that there is a good amount of foot traffic because of the entrance to the park at the end.

This got me thinking back to when we first moved in and Chloe made friends with Carly from across the street. They liked to set up a little stand out in front. From the looks of our house, which has undergone some significant remodeling since this picture was taken, this is probably 1999. That’s last century.

Oh, one difference in time, speaking of centuries, is that the little boy’s mom promoted her son’s watermelon stand via a neighborhood email list. I don’t recall doing that for Chloe and Carly…

Your thoughts?

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