26 June 2013 : Kevin Seal, A Class Act

Melinda’s and my buddy Kevin dropped by this morning to hand deliver a thank you card to us. Kevin SealThat was a pretty classy thing for Kevin to do, considering Melinda & I were thinking that WE should be sending a thank you to Lynn, Kevin’s wife, who threw a humdinger of a 50th birthday party for Kevin last Friday night.

In fact, I snapped this photo of Kevin opening up his presents. We gave him a 10″ record of Tom Lehrer songs, just in case you were wondering. Now he has to find a turntable to play it.

Hey, you old MTV fans from the 80’s may remember Kevin. He was part of the second wave of VJ’s. He’s a real funny guy, as well as a class act. See for yourself here.

Your thoughts?

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