01 July 2013 : If This Isn’t Nantes…

Boudeau PoolDinner w/ the BoudeausThese two photos sum up our Sunday afternoon and evening.

First, it was a lovely day weather-wise, the best of the year, we understand. That meant that we all went for a dip in the Boudeau’s pool. And by everyone I mean me (as you can see in the photo), Laurent, Romain, Manon (who was tossed in by Romain), Clémence (Romain’s girlfriend – is she ever nice), Fréderique, and, drum roll please, Melinda.

Yes, Melinda went in the pool. Maybe it was the jet lag.

The second photo is from last night’s dinner. It involved sausage on the grill. It involved cheese. It involved wine. It involved our French family.

So to sum up this photo, I harken back to an expression I used a lot during the sabbatical — If this isn’t Nantes, I don’t know what is.

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