01 July 2013 : Derby Day at the Hippodrome!

That’s right! Today was Derby Day at the racetrack in Nantes!! And guess who was there?

Me, that’s who!

Blue Rambler Wins the Derby de l'OuestMelinda and I started the day by taking the tram (Ligne 1) into town for some shopping. Well, Melinda shopped and I tagged along. After a delicious lunch that for me involved Ricard, Poire William, and tartare de boeuf, we went our separate ways. Melinda went to workout with Christine. And I rode Ligne 2 to the Hippodrome.

The first race went at just past 4pm and I stayed for 7 of the 8 races. I handicapped them all (looking for recent form near today’s purse level) and was doing quite well, so well in fact that I bet, and won, the 7th race (I made 3 Euros – but it cost me 2,30 for a beer and 5 to get in).
Down the Stretch!

I picked the winner of the Derby, too, not that it was too hard. He was undefeated in 3 starts coming in so is now 4 for 4. That’s him crossing the finish line in the photo above.

Later I tried my hand at a self-portrait as the horses in the 6th race came down the stretch. Not bad, eh?

Your thoughts?

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