08 July 2013 : Your Sister’s Sister

Your Sister's SisterSo get this. Christine noticed that Lynn’s movie “Your Sister’s Sister” was playing in Nantes!

How crazy is that??

Of course, we had to go.

Melinda, flanked by Bernard, taking a picture outside the theatre.
Melinda, flanked by Bernard, taking a picture outside the theatre.
This was poignant for us on so many levels. First, Melinda and I actually had not seen the movie yet, even though it came out over a year ago. Next, it’s playing in Nantes, our adopted hometown. Then there’s the fact that the movie is set in and near Seattle, in the San Juans. And that Christine and Bernard will be coming to Seattle with us next week and we are spending a weekend with them in the San Juans.

Talk about surreal.

Now on top of all of that, the movie is outstanding, at least we all thought so. It’s more like Lynn’s first movie, “We Go Way Back, ” which is my previous favorite of her films.

Let me summarize. Last night, in Nantes, Melinda, Christine, Bernard, and I went to see a movie set in Seattle written and directed by our friend Lynn.


The description of Your Sister's Sister in French.
The description of Your Sister’s Sister in French.

One thought on “08 July 2013 : Your Sister’s Sister

  1. And this is what was in this morning’s (7/8/13) Seattle Times:
    White tents and truck trailers, lights, action and cameras, add one more film to the genre of set-in-Seattle feature films. This one is Seattle writer and director Lynn Shelton’s “Laggies,” a comedy-drama.
    For the past four weeks, a crew has been filming the feature film at numerous locations– Shorecrest High School, Grocery Outlet, Seattle Center, Crown Hill, Ballard, Bothell and Madison Park.
    On Sunday, a restaurant scene was shot at Westlake Center. Monday will be the last filming before the crew, mostly Seattle-based, moves on.
    Shelton’s other movies include “Humpday” and “Your Sister’s Sister.” Many are following “Laggies” production on Twitter:https://twitter.com/lynnsheltonfilm.

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