08 July 2013 : The Nid

“Nid” means nest, although I have a tendency to pronounce it like “nez” which means nose. The NidSo depending upon your pronunciation, after going to the movie last night with Christine and Bernard, we went either to the nest or to the nose.

The “Nest” is a schwanky bar on top of the tallest building in Nantes and is a place we went last year and enjoyed. It has a wrap-around terrace that one can circumnavigate and get a 360 degree view of the city. With a cocktail in hand and in the company of good friends, it ain’t a bad place to be.

Given that I tend to pronounce this place like nose allowed for good conversation topics to emerge, among them being my mom and nose hair trimmers.

Oh, the correct way to pronounce “nid” is to say “knee.” Unfortunately, the conversation topics for knee aren’t as interesting as they are for nose.

At least in my family.

One thought on “08 July 2013 : The Nid

  1. Oh I don’t know. What about when I scraped my knees when we were on the Commodore’s Cruise? That’s a conversation starter, or it could be a stopper…

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