24 July 2013 : Half Full or Half Empty

PSCS FireThere was a fire on Sunday night just outside the building that houses PSCS. Melinda and I were alerted that something was amiss by a call to our home from the school’s alarm company. We arrived just before 11pm to the presence of a firetruck and firefighters mopping up hot spots outside.

The fire marshal told us that that the likely situation was a cigarette butt having been tossed into the bushes. It smoldered before igniting. The firefighters arrived to flames shooting some 40 feet up the outside of the building. We were told that if not for the mylar coating on the school windows, the fire would have entered the building. As it stood, two windows broke but the mylar kept them from breaking out.

So on one hand there was a fire at PSCS. Not a good thing. Trees and plants were destroyed. On the other hand, no one was hurt and the school suffered no property damage.

How do you look at the world?

Your thoughts?

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