25 July 2013 : When July is juillet

bc needleSo Melinda & I have spent most of the last four Julys in France. 2010 was the first month of the sabbatical. We left Seattle on July 4. We remained in France for most of July, 2011, returning to Seattle on July 29. And last year, we were in France up until July 30, the day we returned home after a month there.

You see, our intention has been to live in France for a month each year, that month being July. But it’s getting to be harder, what with PSCS responsibilities and all. This year we were there until July 16. And I’m not sure what next year will be bring.

But to our credit this year, we returned with Bernard & Christine Bertail. That’s like bringing back some of France with us, right?

This photo is of Bernard & Christine and a certain Seattle landmark. We took them to the Seattle Center today.

Your thoughts?

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