20 July 2014 : Carib’s Birthday Gift

It’s just past midnight here in Nantes, meaning I am writing this on July 20th, my mom’s Carib's Birthday Giftbirthday. So I present this post as our happy birthday card to her. Given we are leaving in 8 hours for 3 days in Normandy so Ella and Chloe* can see the D-Day beaches, cemeteries, and museums, AND that we may not have Internet access until we’re back in Nantes, it’s important the birthday greeting gets sent.

Happy birthday, Granny, Mom, Carib!  What we got you this year is the experience of giving your old laptop to Bernard. That’s him in today’s photo, getting it all set up and registered in his name. As I think I mentioned, on Wednesday in Seattle a kind-hearted worker at the Apple Store wiped clean the hard drive and for free uploaded a newer operating system. This, in essence, made your computer factory setting new, albeit circa 2008. But it’s brand new to the Bertails who now have another way for their family of 6 to connect to the Internet. Carib, you would have delighted in seeing Claire’s eyes light up when she saw what her dad was doing.

There was much joy in response, exactly what a birthday gift should provide!

Your thoughts?

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