20 July 2014 : Lunch on Utah Beach

I am sitting in an incredible manor house in Normandy, not far from the city of Caen.Utah Beach It was acquired by Bernard’s parents in 1991. As I write, there is a discussion going on in French about when the house was first built. Let’s just say it was a long time ago, and that it was built, floor by floor, over many years. That it has Wifi is a new thing, however, maybe just for the summer, even. This is where we are spending the next two nights.

Today began at about 8am when we started out caravan style, Melinda, Ella, Chloe* and I following the Bertails to Normandy from Nantes. Many things have taken place since, many too many to summarize here, so I will present just this picture. We ate lunch on blankets at Utah Beach. Yes, that Utah Beach. A person, or group of persons, can have a picnic there.

Not quite the case 70 years ago.

Your thoughts?

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