21 July 2014 : Easy Company

Utah BeachMost cases, I think, when one is in Normandy and talk begins happening about Easy Company, it has something to do with the American 101st Division and their role in World War II. In fact, I’m pretty sure that my conversations outside of Normandy having to do with Easy Company have something to do with the American army.

But in this case, on this entry on this blog, despite the fact that I’m writing it while in Normandy and having visited Utah Beach and Brecourt Manor, where Easy Company took out 4 German cannons on the morning of June 6, 1944, the easy company I’m referring to is the close friendship represented in these two photos, that of Ella and Chloe*.Brecourt Manor

The first photo was taken at the entry point to Utah Beach. I think Ella is playing the part of anyone happy to see someone else, while Chloe* is playing the part of anyone unhappy to be hugged.

In the second photo, taken at a recently constructed tribute to the more famous Easy Company at Brecourt Manor, I’m not really sure what roles the girls are playing. Maybe I just snapped this picture at the wrong time?

7 thoughts on “21 July 2014 : Easy Company

  1. Didn’t mean for you to spend money but it will be nice. Did you get my email re: Rockford?

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