23 July 2014 : 23 July is a Good Day

I got up at the Boudeaus at about 9 this morning and went for a 7+ mile run. This run took me from the Boudeaus, across the Erdre, along a favorite trail of mine, past the Bertails and our sabbatical house, a lap mermaidsaround the hippodrome, down a trail to another along a creek, across Line 2 at the rink where the Nantes hockey club plays, down to the Erdre, along a trail, back over the Erdre, and home to the Boudeaus.

I rinsed off in the cabana shower and then had the pool to myself for a while. Melinda arrived with Ella, Chloe*, Celeste and Claire. The girls jumped in the pool (hence this picture).

In short order I will be going to the store as I’m on dinner duty tonight. I’m thinking a chicken dish in coconut milk sautéed with spinach, onions, and walnuts.

Speaking of this day, take a look at what I was doing on each of the last four July 23rds:

– 2010: Day 23 (23 July 2010) – Pornichet Library
– 2011: The New Racetrack (Day 365 + 23)
– 2012: Parc de La Noé Mitrie
– 2013: A Review

Your thoughts?

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