28 July 2014 : For Michele

Hi Michele!

You asked about Michel and Joël. We haven’t seen Joël yet, and I’m not sure if we will. imageHe wasn’t in Bressuire when we were there over the weekend (although he did get back right after we left). He had accompanied Annabelle and the kids to Spain. But we did get to spend considerable time with Michel. As I hope you can tell from this photo, he’s doing great. It was a proud weekend for him, what with all of his children and grandchildren together for Saturday night’s big party.

Speaking of Annabelle, we got to see both her and Alexandre yesterday. They stopped by the Boudeaus for a quick dip in the pool and to say hello. We’ll be having dinner at their place on Thursday night.

For those of you less familiar with the players, Michel is Laurent’s father. Joël is Frédérique’s father. Annabelle is Frédérique’s sister, and Alexandre is Annabelle’s son.

There, that should catch you up!


PS – Photo credit to Isabelle, Laurent’s sister and one of Michel’s three daughters!

Your thoughts?

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