29 July 2014 : F&L 1988

So we had this great dinner at the Boudeaus last night. It was different from dinners we’ve had recently or even in the past, in that Manon and Romain are both away right now and that we ate indoors (due to the weather). imageFrédérique made a delicious roast beef that may have convinced Melinda that red meat is okay. But what made the meal so memorable was the laughter, especially around a few trips down memory lane.

The conversation evolved to the point of us asking Frédérique if she could find some old photos from when she and Laurent were younger. She disappeared to the garage and came back with some loose photos and a couple of albums. Much more laughter ensued, including that from Ella and Chloe* who seemed to get a big kick out of seeing photos from when Frédérique was a teen.

imageShared here are a couple of photos Melinda took on her iPhone of photos from Frédérique’s & Laurent’s wedding album. The first needs no explanation, I’m sure. But the second is of Melinda’s parents who traveled from Seattle in 1988 to attend the wedding. Chloe* commented that Michele hasn’t changed at all, to which I suggested that she is a witch who never ages.

I made that comment quietly so only Chloe• could hear. We wouldn’t want something like that shared on the Internet or anything.

2 thoughts on “29 July 2014 : F&L 1988

  1. Frederique follows in her mother Monique’s footsteps in being a superb cook!
    “Heh, Heh, Heh” the witch knows!

  2. You mean like Samantha, not Endora, right? She did after all, marry a mortal–Darren, I mean Dwight.

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