04 August 2014 : Royan is Correct!

So, yes, we are in the city of Royan, 3 hours by car from Nantes. IMG_1744We will be here until Wednesday, when we return to Nantes for the last few days of our 2014 French vacation. Well, the last few days other than Melinda, Ella, Chloe* & Christine going to Paris on Thursday.

We are staying in Royan with Laurent and Frédérique, who just so happen to be our gracious hosts (again). Laurent’s paternal grandfather (Michel’s father) bought the place at which we are staying in 1970, if I understand correctly. From a sabbatical point of view, this place is famous (infamous?) for Chloe (no asterisk) coming with Romain and a group of friends in July, 2010. A popular part of the story from that time is Chloe (no asterisk) awakening the morning their train was to bring the gang to Nantes and patiently waiting for the others to awake, so patiently that they nearly missed their train!

Today’s photo is from when we all went out last night for ice cream. Nice expressions all around, yes??

Your thoughts?

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