05 August 2014 : Today in French Class

IMG_1863“Class, class, can I have your attention please!”

Today in French class, Ella and Chloe* travelled to the city of Saint-Émilion for a lesson in red wine (vin rouge) at the Château Grand Corbin-Despagne. As you can tell from this photo, they were very attentive students. This was especially important because the lessons were mainly in French (although we must give the instructor credit for translating everything into English).

For their final, they must now correctly add comments to the following photos:

IMG_1849 IMG_1874 IMG_1852

One thought on “05 August 2014 : Today in French Class

  1. We bicycled to and around St Emilion. It was lovely, enjoyed the D roads – good for bikes. Loved visiting the wine chateaus. We were there in the early fall before the ripe grapes were picked. The smell was intoxicating.

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