08 August 2014 : La Cigale

imageIn all the time we’ve spent in Nantes, Melinda and I have never been to La Cigale, one of the finer restaurants in town. We corrected this oversight tonight by treating our Nantes hosts, the Boudeaus and Bertails, to dinner there.

This was one of those nights that gets me a bit emotional. Melinda thinks that I’m getting more emotional because I’m getting older and my testosterone level is dropping or something (she read about this somewhere, maybe here). Apparently, older men are more prone to tear up at sad movies, that sort of thing.

Whatever. For me, you see, I think a scene in which I’m having dinner in Nantes with Melinda and my best friends would choke me up at any age.

Here’s to you Laurent and Frédérique, and Bernard and Christine! Thank you for once again being such kind, thoughtful and gracious hosts!

Your thoughts?

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