09 August 2014 : Trifecta!

imageThis photo represents just a small number of people who attended the FC Nantes match tonight, most of whom left happy following the home team’s 1-0 victory over visiting Lens (among those not shown are Frédérique and Laurent).

What a fun time we had! Part of the thrill is the stadium being within walking distance of the Boudeau’s. As we wandered over, I explained to Manon and Frédérique the concept of a trifecta*. You see, we had confit de canard for dinner (1), we were in the company of the Boudeaus (2), and we went to a football (soccer) game (3).

A winning trifecta! Get it?

imageAmong the entertaining things at tonight’s match was this little boy who spent the entire game sitting on his dad’s lap in the row in front of us. When Nantes scored in the 65th minute and the stadium erupted in cheers, I think the boy was frightened (or was secretly rooting for Lens despite wearing an FC Nantes jersey). He burst into tears and it took his father several minutes to calm him.

I do see a long future for him as a football fan.

*trifecta (traɪˈfɛktə)
1. a form of betting in which the punter selects the first three place-winners in a horse race in the correct order
2. any achievement involving three successful outcomes

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