19 August 2015 : Darn!

CelesteI fully intended to take a picture of Celeste with one of our dinner companions tonight, 15 year-old Sarah, so Christine and Bérnard could see Celeste connecting with someone her age who attends the school she’ll be going to this fall. You see, we had Sarah and her parents, Julie & Mike, over for dinner tonight. They were here for a good 4 hours, plenty of time to take a picture of the two girls (who, apparently, exchanged cell phone numbers while I wasn’t paying attention and may be making plans to watch “Parks and Rec” on Netflix tomorrow or something – I can’t be sure).

But Julie, Mike & Sarah just left and I forgot to get the picture. Darn!

So instead of a picture of the two girls, I’ve got this one of Celeste cleaning the kitchen after I made a mess of it by fixing a big barbecue dinner for everyone. Chloe decided to head out to have dinner with Alex, taking her dining restrictions with her. So I was free to BBQ both salmon and kalbi marinated beef. I made a couple of salads, too, and some cocktails.

Sarah and Celeste drank ginger ale, in case anyone was wondering. Hmmm, ginger ale does kind of look like beer…

Your thoughts?

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