20 August 2015 : Kudos to Michele!

Michele with daughters Melinda and Brenda, late 1960's.
Michele with daughters Melinda and Brenda, late 1960’s.
Melinda forwarded to me an email that included the message below, which I have italicized to help make it stand out. In short, it’s a statement of appreciation for Michele, Melinda’s mom, who is being honored for 20 years of volunteer service at the Seattle Art Museum. I thought the sentiment deserved a little highlighting here, given my audience of family and friends who all appreciate Michele for her ongoing selfless acts of support, generosity, and kindness. Kudos to Michele, my mother-in-law!

SAM Gallery volunteers and SAM Shop staff-

I’m guessing not everyone reads the annual report, so I’m sending you this link and calling your attention to at least one AWESOME fact:

20 YearsMichele Shaw has contributed to the success of SAM Gallery for over 20 years! If you scroll all the way down, you’ll find your name listed either in the staff or volunteers and note there’s a little indicator next to the names of people who have been with SAM over 20 years.

I simply cannot say enough about the positive contributions Michele has made to the successful operation of SAM gallery. She holds down many shifts, has never once been late (except during the Nisqually earthquake when she told Dwight to keep the car on the road and then SHOWED UP for volunteering). She’s always willing to lend a hand with moving, hanging, and hauling art. Most of all we love Michele for her winning smile, smart wit, and playful approach to life.

THANK YOU – Michele!

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