27 December 2015 : 365 Faces of Celeste is Back!

CelesteThat’s right, it’s time to bring back this fall’s popular blog feature, the 365 Faces of Celeste. With her departure from Seattle last Tuesday, you may have thought that you wouldn’t get to see more photos of her. But thanks to Bérnard, her father, I have this one, taken Christmas afternoon in Nantes. Of importance to me, the photo was taken inside the Nantes racetrack, which just so happens to be a public park (if you followed my sabbatical blog in 2010/11, you might remember this fact). This is a place I visited almost every day, if not when going for a walk then to use the trotter track to go for a run, or to throw a Frisbee or kick a ball.Bertail Women

Now about this photo… I actually cropped it to highlight just Celeste. The one Bérnard sent can be seen here to the right and includes not only Celeste but her sister, Claire, and their mom, Christine. Bérnard is a graphic artist so he has quite the design eye. I think this photo would make a great album cover. But for what band? Here are a few possible names:
– From C to Shining C to Shining C
– Christine & the C Sisters
– Don’t Mess With Claire

Your thoughts?

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