28 December 2015 : Brenda & Ella, Bad Influences

Dear Celeste,

CigarettesLook what happens here once you leave! All kinds of decadence and debauchery! Ella returns from Portland, Brenda shows up… What’s a boy like me to do? Do you know the expression, “Either leave them or join them?”

Or is that, “Love them or leave them?” Maybe something from the Surgeon General? Anyway, whatever the saying, I joined them.

Now for the real story. And it’s really quite simple. For Christmas, I bought a box of candy cigarettes for Brenda (and Greg). That’s right, candy. C-A-N-D-Y. Melinda grabbed the camera and the acting began!

Quite a way to enjoy Christmas Eve, don’t you think?


PS – You should see the picture I got of Perrin with one of these candies. I don’t think Brenda wants it out and about on the Internet, though.

Your thoughts?

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