30 December 2016 : Angels on Earth

On Wednesday this week, a book promoting connections made between people because of kindness was featured on the Today show on NBC. screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-5-32-37-pmWhat makes this extremely relevant is because one of the stories in the book is about my connection to one of my longtime students, Johnny Spangler. Johnny was a student of mine back in 1993, the year before Melinda and I started PSCS. In fact, Johnny came along and was one of our founding students at PSCS! The chapter about us explains how Johnny helped inspire my first kindness class. To this day, he helps me promote kindness.

The author of this new book, “Angels on Earth,” is named Laura Schroff. While researching the book, Laura came across the Kind Living website and gave me a call. Once I told her the story of how Johnny had inspired that first class, she knew she wanted to include it in her book.

“Angels on Earth” has been getting some pretty significant publicity. Not only was Laura interviewed on the Today show this week, the book was recently promoted on the side of a building in Times Square. This may be because Laura’s previous book was a New York Times bestseller translated into 13 different languages.

Speaking of kindness activities, I’m about to start something I’m calling “Anonymous Kindness” via a special eNewsletter. The first message will go out on Sunday and will include new illustrations from Fish Astronaut. You want to participate? Sign up here to be part of it.

Your thoughts?

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