Day 13 (13 July 2010) – Happy Birthday, Al!

It’s my dad’s birthday today and we celebrated by looking for the number 76 (his age) on signs, license plates and buildings. The best we came up with was this on a license plate, Ella making sure you all know what we were thinking. We had a Skype conversation with him and learned about his 30-1 winner at Emerald Downs over the weekend. Happy birthday indeed!

We took a LONG walk, all the way into town and back. Our first stop was for lunch at a very small café along the Erde River. Ella and I were thrilled to be able to order cheeseburgers (just say cheeseburger with a French accent and you can order one in France, too). Each patty is referred to as a “steak” and you could get as many as four! We each had one and a small order of fries (“petite frites”). The “small” was big enough that all we really needed was one order for the four of us. Melinda and Chloe both ordered a “jambon beurre,” a ham & butter sandwich.

After lunch we wandered further into town and did some window shopping. The town was busy, maybe because tomorrow is Bastille Day, or as they say here “le quatorze Juillet,” just like we say the 4th of July for our independence day.