Day 30 (30 July 2010) – 9 By Design

I was debating which of two topics to write about today, our last full day in Pornichet (yes, we are anxious now to return to Nantes and get moved in to our house, which we will do tomorrow). Since arriving here, I’ve been interested in visiting the cemetery near our apartment, especially the part dedicated to German soldiers who died in this part of France in World War II. And Melinda and I did do just that yesterday afternoon, taking about an hour to do so. It was very interesting and humbling, and I took a lot of pictures. But I’m not going to write about that, obviously.

Instead, I’m going to tell you about the TV show that Melinda purchased on iTunes just before we left Seattle and that she, Chloe and I have watched each of the last two nights! It’s called 9 By Design. It’s about a family of 9 (2 parents, 6 kids, 1 baby) who do very creative design work on houses, apartments, gyms, hotels, whatever. If you know Melinda, you can see why this appeals to her. Oh, today’s photo? That’s the mom on the computer screen and Melinda’s & Chloe’s feet. A neat shot, eh? Two days in a row for Chloe’s likeness to be on the blog, too.

So I chose to tell you about watching a TV show over the cemetery. It probably reflects some of my twisted priorities, that I like the idea of posting to the blog about TV shows. And if you can’t tell, take this as a hint (warning?) of future postings. I’m talking about you, Mrs. Livingston.