Day 31 (31 July 2010) – Move in Day

Now it may seem like overkill to have two pool photos on the blog within a week. But today’s photo is especially unique because I took it in our own backyard! Yes, we have a pool and yes, that means we have moved in to our house in Nantes! Well, move in might be putting things ahead of the situation by a day or so, but our suitcases and all of the things we brought from Seattle are in the house in Nantes, as are we. We just haven’t unpacked yet. But that did not stop Chloe and Ella, along with Manon & Romain, from taking a quick dip in the pool early this evening before dinner. After that, I made hamburgers and Chloe & Ella made s’mores. Laurent and Frédérique, as they have done so many times for us already, helped us for hours. Laurent picked us up at the train station in Nantes and delivered the four of us and all of our suitcases to our home, as well as helped us understand all the things we needed to learn from our landlord about the house. And Frédérique took Melinda to the grocery store to get some kitchen staples and coach her on the best brands to buy. How do we thank them? By making them eat cheeseburgers and s’mores…

By the way, in regard to these burgers, which I think came out pretty well, Ella said the search is still on.

It’s nearing midnight here in Nantes as I write. Melinda just asked me if I wanted to go for a dip in the pool before going to bed. Bye!