Day 71 (9 September 2010) – “She Has a Cat”

Class, class. CLASS! Pay attention, please.

Open your Internet browsers to Google Translator and choose From: English To: French. In the box below, type “she has a cat” (without the quotation marks). Next, click on the “translate” button and you’ll see that phrase translated into French. Click on the “Listen” button under the translation and get a fun surprise. Finally, click on the “Listen” button under the large box to hear in English what everyone at Ella’s school thinks is being said in French when anyone says her full name. Me, I think there are permanent nicknames in store.

Today’s photo is the first page of Ella’s new French workbook, the place where the students who possessed this book each of the last four years wrote their names. I thought it was so darn cute that I had to take this picture. I’ll be suggesting to Ella that she write, “She Has a Cat, 2010/11” underneath.

And that concludes today’s French lesson. Judy, you can come out of the corner now.

Your thoughts?

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